Queue What Now?

The queue is one of the main ways we will engage our subscribers on what they want . It also plays to our gamification theme of how we want the Monastery to work. You can visit the Queue by hitting the link at the top.

For the purposes of the Queue, ideas are concepts for things our subscribers want worked on – they can be big or small.

There are public and team queues.

  • Public – Anyone registered on the site can access the public queue, vote and add ideas
  • Team – Only team members will have access to the team queues. Those actively supporting development will help guide final decisions

All tools, assets, rigs, etc created by the Monastery go back into the Monastery for member use.


Every idea has a state that they’ll work through as they move through the Queue

  • Open -New ideas start in the open state. Ideas that are open can be voted on. Those in any other state have the voting locked.
    • Public queue ideas that meet their target will be reviewed and moved to the appropriate team queue if applicable for further refinement
  • In Queue -Ideas that have met their vote target move to In Queue.
  • Done – These have been voted up and completed
  • All – Filter for seeing ideas in all states

So, there’s a couple of different idea levels in how we plan on handling them, we’ll start with the simple ones.


Simple ideas are ideas that will stay open even while we might be working on them so we can know what are most important

  • Bug -Major issue with the tools you want addressed
  • Documentation -Suggest things you want documented or help us know what is more important to you.
  • Tutorial -Want to know how to do something technical or how a certain setup we’re doing works.

Advanced ideas account for major time commitments and so have a bit of a deeper process.

  • Feature -New feature you want added to MRS, an existing tool or something else
  • Proxy Rig -Idea for a proxy rig you’d like created. Designs or reference art required for approved proxy rig suggestions.
  • Project -Suggest a new major project for the Monastery
  • Rig -Have an idea for a rig you want – a axe-wielding clown perhaps? Add it and get your fellow users to vote it up.
  • Tool -Have a idea for a tool you want created but lack the time or knowledge to create it. If it gets voted up and approved the Monastery will either create it outright or support it’s creation if you want to be a part of the creation.

Advanced ideas have a slightly different life cycle.

  1. Open -New ideas start in the initial open state
  2. When they reach the initial review vote threshold (currently 50), we’ll look at the idea and give the idea a vote target based on the complexity of the idea.
    • A rig using all the modules we currently have for example would be less than one requiring new ones.
    • A brand new tool will have a higher threshold than a feature for an existing one
  3. In Queue  – Once they reach that threshold, we will place the idea to the In Queue state and add a new duplicate idea for it’s active development. The reason for this is to allow for voting in the system to help us prioritize those In Queue idea. For example if we have 5 proxy rigs in queue and one has a lot more votes than the others, we’ll probably tackle that one first.
  4. Done – Once an idea is complete, it goes to the Done state where it will remain.
What if a community member wants to do an item in the Queue?

That’s definitely something we want to support. It’ll take some time to figure out the details but we’d compensate work like that with subscription time or possibly just paid work if the circumstances warranted it.

For example, once we have some TD’s trained with MRS system and we need help with work on the Monastery or possibly even just gigs on the side via CG Monks.  Those trained TDs are who we’re going to reach out to first when we need help.

Rules for Ideas
  • We’re only gonna do ‘Pixar-safe’ content and assets.
  • Gratuitous/offensive ideas, comments or other engagement will get you a warning, suspension or ban depending on severity. Keep things professional.