Initial setup

Last updated: 05.21.2020

Okay, you’ve signed up or you want to try our assets, how do you do that?

Grab the cgmToolbox

All of our assets are much better if you have the tools necessary to expand their use. We have a repository to host our libraries but having most users connect to a repos has proven tedious so, we have an easier method.

From Maya


  1. Download this file and put it it in your scripts folder.
  2. Open maya
  3. In a python
    import cgmUpdate
  4. then'master') or another branch name if you know one.
  5. When you do this, you’ll get a confirm dialog showing you where it’s detected the install location. You can change if you like.  Confirm.

As long as you have a net connection, this should:

  • Grab the latest build from one of our branches
  • Download it
  • Unzip it
  • Move everything to the scripts folder as needed
  • Delete the zip stuff.
  • Load the toolbox

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Via Repos

Maya Env

PC Example

REPOSPATH = D:/repos/

MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH = %REPOSPATH%/cgmtools/mayaTools;%REPOSPATH%/zootoolbox;%REPOSPATH%/morpheusrig2;%REPOSPATH%/pyunify;

PYTHONPATH = %REPOSPATH%/cgmtools/mayaTools;%REPOSPATH%/zootoolbox;%REPOSPATH%/morpheusrig2;%REPOSPATH%;


Mac Example

#MacOS guidelines
#Do not use ";" at the end of a line
#For variable substitution "$variable" instead of "*variable"
#Variable path must end with "/"

#To troubleshoot paths
#Use mel cmd for getter
#$s=`getenv "PATH"`;
#Replace "PATH" with path name






You can change your active branch via the Update Tool you can find the docs for in the expanded details link above.

Current recommended branch: MASTER

  • master| This will be where we keep our most stable build of tools. Last merged at the beginning of May 2020
  • MRSDEV | Our active dev branch we’re working on most of the time for dev work
  • MRSWORKSHOP | Snapshot of the tools each time I update the stand alone workshop docs