MRS Makers Workshop - Getting started

mDrake - Adventurer

Morphy Kid - Base

Morpheus For Unity

Horse - proxy rig

Welcome to the Monastery!

Our mission is to establish a community of subscriber tinkerers and makers – equipping them to have the tools and assets they need to make amazing personal and commercial work.


The co-op is the core of what the CG Monastery is about. This is the collective. This is where we’ll make things together.

For those users that just want the rigs, that’s great they can get that access and we look forward to seeing what they do but the co-op is where we’re going to be doing the stuff we’re most excited to see what you do.

We have a lot of ideas but if we’re going to be following trails off the beaten path we want to do so at the guidance of our subscribers who take part in the co-op.

How will subscribers direct development?

  • Queue – The queue is a way for subscribers to share ideas for new rigs, tutorials, content or whatever they want us working on. Other subscribers vote up the ideas they like to let us know what it is they want to spending our development time and dollars on. Each month subscribers will get a bucket of tokens to use to vote up the ideas they like. For more info check out the information page.
    • Rigs and other things will go into the Assets set of items for all subscribers to use
    • Tutorials and Knowledge will go into the Library.
  • Teams – Teams are where we will make things together. Our first two teams will be:
    • Morpheus for Unity – David will be leading a team setting up full Unity Package with Morpheus Drake
    • Learning MRS – Josh will be teaching subscribers our rigging system and showing them how to use it for their own projects. Our hope is that they’ll buy in to the system and help us make it better.

Year One

Our year one push will help flesh out how this solidifies in form. As a part of our year one push we’ll be tackling several projects with our testers whom we hope will become subscribers.

Year One Goals
  • Unity pipeline
  • Functioning co-op
  • Prove value for our subscribers

Year One - Projects