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    So I thought I might try one Creature I have to rig at work! I haven’t gotten permission to use the actual concept art, and the final model is not even being worked on yet, BUT I got a template model to that I can test rigging and proportion issues.

    So I started laying out all parts with MRS, while I would ormally just layout clean joints (which for me is WAY faster). I had a few issues building the rig and had to delete and redo a lot of the limbs. Especially the legs seem to not want to build to RIG state when using a lever (which I initially wanted to try out).

    I’ll do the fingers at some point, but for now I need to speed things up and build a manual skeleton, just to have something to show at work 😉 It is not that I don’t like using MRS… it makes the process just a bit more complicated .. at least at my current level of experience with it.

    We’ll see how it goes!


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    Josh Burton

    Alex, so cool!

    Really nice work.

    @Joints being faster – I agree. The mindset of MRS is form first, iterate articulation till you’re happy. If you just do joints you lose the ability to do conforming controls, puppet mesh and more. There’s going to be a trade off.

    @Issues building – There have been a LOT of bug fixing going on. Blocks could easily be getting out of sequence with being current. Whenever there’s an update you pull, verify your blocks. This should help that a good bit

    @lever leg – I’d love to see your template and work through that bug if you don’t mind to get it building. If not I’ll add one to my horse and try 🙂

    @speed in general – I’ve got a number of updates working there way through the blocks to help and if you have specific suggestions, send em.

    @fingers – I’d just do one. Test it, then duplicate those blocks on one hand. Test build again. Then mirror.

    I should have the rest of the course material up tomorrow. I did a prop section today for adding a helmet and backpack to demo the HANDLE block.


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    No worries! I DO like the looks 😉 And I like being able to prototype the Structure of a rigged character and have Animators test it out! You can’t always have both! 😉

    I’ll see if I have a version that does not build lying around. I saved quite a few iterations. Will get back to you on that tomorrow if I can!


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    Josh Burton

    Constructive criticism is good. No offense taken. It’s alpha We want to make it better. You all are the first outsiders testing the system 😉

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