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    Hi Josh,
    For my quadruped, I was thinking of doing a french bulldog. I have a model from a friend, but I’m not sure if it is too cartoony for this class.


    Here is the reference I’ve gathered so far:

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    Josh Burton

    Looks great!

    As you work through the material:

    • Try the  quad and non quad front leg setup. Interested in what you like. I did a non quad on a testing cat I did a while go
    • Interested in thoughts on the front clav
    • I’ve done a simple jaw setup before just with a single joint limb if you wanna play with that.
    • The toes save till you have the rest working and you could ignore if you don’t want that articulation or I’ve been using the limb[nub] setup on really short toes like that with followBank on. The followBank stuff means the toes will follow the foot banking and stuff. It’s still early on implementation but it works for the most part.

    I got the written head stuff up last night. Hoping to get the rest by end of day Tuesday.

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    Josh Burton

    One extra thought – the head geo looks low poly enough you could chop it off and use the head geo without the ears if you were interested.

    Or you can try shaping the proxy head geo to match.

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    Hey Josh,
    I’d love  your thoughts on the spine set up. I’ve worked with animators in the past that swear by a double spine on quadrupeds. In this setup, I normally have one spine pointing to the front of the character and another pointing to the back of the character with the cog somewhere in the middle.

    I tried setting it up this way, but I’m not sure how having the cogs will work out. I can always constraint one to the other manually, but I was going to ask for your input on it and see if there was another way to deal with it.
    Is this something that would potentially be useful as an example of your constraint discussion?


    Here is the file:


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    Josh Burton

    Sorry for the delay. I got wrapped up a few days and didn’t check the forum.

    I could see that as being useful. A revers-able segment is actually on my list of things to do on the segment. For the horse I tried the cog in the middle. You should try doing the ikEnd as a tipMid and see how that feels. It puts the pivot of the ik control in the middle of the spine which feels pretty good for a lot of things. The fk is till normal.

    The constraint discussion was more about the rigBlock/guides setup than rig but no harm in talking:)

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