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    Josh Burton

    Always like to start new classes with a short introduction and bit about what you want to get out of the course.

    So, I’m Josh Burton. I’m an animator/td/ who has been working in the industry for ~15 years. Most folks who know me do so from Morpheus. About 8 years ago I co-founded CG Monks and for the past few years I’ve been working on making something usable from the R&D from Morpheus 2 between gigs and life. MRS is the result of that effort with my buddy and partner David Bokser.

    I want to teach others the MRS system in hopes they will make awesome work and see the value in helping contribute and use an open system that we can all make better together.

    I’m so excited to see what you all make!

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    I am Perry Leijten born and raised in Holland, graduated from NHTV international game architecture and design university in 2012 and working in the industry since 2013. Started out with working on Killzone: shadow fall and Horizon: Zero Dawn at Guerrilla Games Amsterdam and now working for Square Enix in Tokyo.

    I am always looking into new ways to learn more about scripting and rigging, so what i want to get out of this course is  some new tips and or tricks to improve my own workflow and tools. At the office we use an auto rig-system as well but at home I always rig everything by hand to keep my mind fresh and search for new R&D possibilities, so the MRS system might add some new insights.


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      My Name is Alex Samouridis. I live and work in Germany and have been working as a freelance  animator / rigger in some way, shape or form since late 2006. Most of the time I have worked for smaller studios, with tasks often going beyond animation and rigging, fixing problems etc. Recently I’ve been working as the animator, Rigger at Piranha Bytes here in Germany where I have built a new rigging system and am currently redesigning the Facial Pipeline we use.

      I am not the best coder, to be honest, but that’s more or less out of necessity, as there is always way too much to do in too little time, so I never really learned how to code properly and instead just hacked things together to make them work :).

      What I hope to get out of this course is to get some new insights into how to setup modular rigging systems and integrate them into a consistent Pipeline. The goal would be to integrate some of the things I learn into my system and maybe use MRS as an alternative for my personal projects.



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    I am Will and I have worked in the industry as a character TD  for about 8 years. I have worked on game and on feature film projects. At the moment I am working at a mobile game company where I do high resolution rigs for marketing but also low resolution stuff for our in house engine and unity. I have been part of developing a few auto riggers under my career and I am constantly doing R&D work and want to improve as a TD. I have been interested in the stuff that CG Monastery is doing so that’s why I am here 🙂



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    My name is Darrell Vasquez. I’m a studio owner and director. I’ve been an animator in feature film and games for 8 years. I have been a studio owner and director for the last 2 years where I’ve been widening my skills in character modeling and rigging. I’ve taken a few courses in rigging and programming from Rigging Dojo and others along with self taught coding.

    I’ve currently been writing my own modular rigging and want to learn as much as I can from top people in the industry and that led me to this MRS course! Hoping to learn more about MRS, and other rigging knowledge I can pick up from everyone involved.

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    Hey everyone,
    My name is Alejandro. I am originally from Venezuela, and now I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked in the game industry for 11 years as an Animator. I’ve always loved rigging and have dedicated the past 3 years to expanding my tech art knowledge.

    I’m mostly self taught on my rigging and I have historically done everything by hand. In past two years, I’ve been in charge of rigging in several jobs, and I have started to do scripts to aid in speeding my flow. That is why MRS and other modular systems have become my main study focus and I’m really looking forward to this workshop.

    It is very nice to meet you all,


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    My name is David Logan and I’m an animator/tech-artist at a small VR startup called Stalwart Games.

    I studied electrical engineering in school then worked for ~4 years at Microsoft in software development before deciding I wanted to do animation full time. I took AnimationMentor classes, and I’ve been working as an animator for the last 8 years or so.

    With this course, I’m hoping to learn some new tips/tricks to improve my general rigging skills and evaluate the MRS system to see how I might be able to use it with the Unity game project we’re currently working on.

    Looking forward to it!

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    My name is Francisco Tarallo. But you can call me Fran. I’m from Brazil. I’ve been working with animation for a few years. I graduated from AnimationMentor in 2010, but my main job is with motion graphics. Rigging has always been my weak point. That’s why I liked Morpheus so much. I was expecting version 2 because I thought it was an excellent idea. Now I see MRS as a better idea yet.
    I’ve tried several automatic rig systems, but I’ve always had problems, especially with the face. I hope to be able to optimize the work with MRS.

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    Hey all.


    My name’s Benn and its great to be apart of the first team learning MRS.


    Looking forward to seeing what we all can come up with!


    Speak soon.


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    My name is Matt Berenty and I am a CG Generalist living in Los Angeles. Mostly I work in Commercials but I’ve been known to do a film here and there. I’m always looking to improve my skill set. Rigging tends to be a weak point in commercials because of the pace of the work and the fact that many studios deem building out a full character pipeline as expensive for the couple character jobs they do a year. Modular rigging systems seem like a perfect fit for for the broad array of character types I run into. Can’t wait to check out MRS and see how it might work in the commercial pipeline!



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    My name is Kayla Techmeier, and I’m in my last year of college for my degree in game design and development. I’ve been focusing in rigging and python scripting as my main TA skills and now am leading the university charge into training the student body on our new Vicon Mocap system. I may not have had a job in industry yet but I have taken a game to the Intel university games showcase. My team took home the 2nd in Visual Quality, and have been invited back with our current game this year. But I’ve been rigging characters by hand for the last three years and am trying to branch out. This is the first automated rigging anything I’ve tried and I’m very excited to see what I can throw at it to stump it.

    Excited to get started!

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    My name is Samui , I’m from Tokyo . I’ve been an animator in cg part for japan’s anime content and have been a programmer in game development projects for 5 years.As animator i always love a rig that i created for for myself . i love to to make a rig that adapt to different situations /run smoothly in real time preview.With this course i’m looking forward to improve/speed-up my rigging skill.



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    Hey guys,

    My name is Bren!

    I’m late to the game here, but I hope I can catch up.

    I’ve been animating for games mostly but also some independent films and commercial projects. I know enough about rigging to get myself in trouble so I thought this might be a great opportunity to get my hands dirty.

    I’m a remote / freelancer and I hope this will help me bring in more clients!

    I’m not highly technical so I might be a little slow in that area…So…please be gentle 🙂

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