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    Josh Burton

    Post general bugs and suggestions here. Keep week specific stuff to those week’s threads.  Thanks!

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    • Mirroring on thumb block does not work if you have “has lever joint” ticked
    • Finger block naming doesn’t apply the name to the “name list” when you go from <define> state to <joint> state
    • Starting from the “master block” and choosing your push context to “below”. And then changing state to <joint> this can loose the prefix _sknJnt on some of the joints ( be sure to double check, as my legs were left out ).
      • You can get around this by choosing the block that was missed and loading this block to be active. And re-running the <joint> state again.
    • Saving a BlockDat under the Block Dat -Active section will not save the block Please use the save function in Utilities – Contextual

    *Update – 18/01/2019

    • When trying to save blockDat:
      • # Error: MetaInstanceError: file C:/Users/BennGarnish/Documents/maya/scripts\Red9\core\ line 2154: MObject is no longer valid – Last good dag path was: “|cgmRigBlocksGroup|Ch_M_Old_White_00__masterBlock” #

    Further investigation on the above bug: This only happens when using the UI under Block Dat -Active.

    Under the Contextual section the save function works 🙂



    New Error when rig building:

    Benn, – let’s keep large error parses to email or bitbucket reports. They’re kinda huge:)


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      Josh Burton

      Mirroring on thumb block does not work if you have “has lever joint” ticked

      I’m not sure on the best fix here. Would like to get more feedback. I think it may sort itself out as we get better configs.

      Saving a BlockDat under the Block Dat -Active section will not save the block Please use the save function in Utilities – Contextual

      Can’t verify this one.


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      Changing state currently gives me the following error:


      ‘func’: ‘changeState’,
      ‘self’: (node: ‘R_arm_limbBlock’ | mClass: cgmRigBlock | class: <class ‘cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks.cgmRigBlock’>)}
      {‘func’: ‘changeState’, ‘err’: TypeError(“template() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘progressBar'”,), ‘self’: (node: ‘R_arm_limbBlock’ | mClass: cgmRigBlock | class: <class ‘cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks.cgmRigBlock’>)}
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : ==================================================================================================== #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : |contextual_rigBlock_method_call| >> Failure: <type ‘exceptions.TypeError’> #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : block: R_arm_limbBlock | func: changeState #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : Args… #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : template #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : KWS… #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : forceNew : True #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : progressBar : cgmBuilder_ui|MelFormLayout6__|MelHLayout18__|progressBar2 #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : Errors… #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : template() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘progressBar’ #
      # Error: cgm.core.mrs.RigBlocks : —————————————————————————————————- #

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        Josh Burton

        This should be resolved now. Fixed yesterday in MRS branch and pushed to MRSWORKSHOP just now.

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    after building the rig the documentation tells to “gather Blocks”, but when i press this action in the menu it appears to not do anything, no prints in the script editor.
    I checked the code and it logs everything to the debug, while the logger is set to info, so maybe it just needs an info command that it succeeded or not or hooking the process up to the progressbar might also be enough.

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      Josh Burton

      Fixing. Question – currently I have it gather the blocks to the block group ONLY when the block lacks a parent. That make sense or should it force to the block group when called?

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        I think its safe to do so only when it has no parent, that way everything will be gahtered in the hideable group which is there for cleanup anyway. I see no reason to do a brute force approach

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          Josh Burton

          Cool. It’ll be in the next build. I’ll do a push tonight. Got through 4 vids today. woot woot!

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    i was wondering why snapping/undo-ing components freaked some of the loft controls
    there is a cycle on all the components:

    is this by design or is this in the pipeline to be fixed?

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      Josh Burton

      Perry, I’ve not run into that. From your capture are you keying the rigblocks? If so, that might cause it. The rig block structure isn’t meant to be keyed.

      There are some cycle warnings I get on some items but they haven’t manifested like that. Could you spell out what you’re doing more or lemme see your file?

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        its already in the template file of mdrake:
        just open the file and move the white locator node that moves the entire block

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          Josh Burton

          2018 – I’m not seeing that at all. I opened the initial file and checked the file rigged as well.

          2017 – Not seeing it

          2016 – Nope.

          Gonna need more info. Maya version, OS, other plugins running?


          @all – anyone else seeing this? First report.


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          windows 10 proffesional
          maya 2017 update 5 it has the cycle
          maya 2018.5 no cycle issues

          guess i’ll just use maya 2018 from now

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          Josh Burton

          Maya 2017 is awful ( I tried it in 2017 update 5 too and didn’t see it). We’ve had so many issues with it. I avoid it as much as possible.

          I’d definitely recommend 2016 or 18 🙂

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