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    Rigging Dojo

    With the update to the MRS builder allowing a clean skeleton to be built among other reasons, the ability and need to swap out what skeleton is connected to the rig is something I would like to see added. This would work much like the MotionBuilder Detach and Attach Control rigging so you can have one skeleton and diffrent rig configurations, in this case, we can have one master rig and swap for a finished BIND skeleton with skinning done and extra deformation rigging or we can switch between a super final Heavy mesh and a light weight anim mesh with deformations but not a heavy mesh.


    Hunting around today there are some attributes that need to be on the target skeleton to allow the swap to happen,

    Here the source and target are name spaces on two matching named skeletons: Target being the new one we want to map..

    There are several nodes we have to manage for each skin joint once we have the source and target joint matched

    This can be done with a simple name swap:

    build a list of anything named source:

    build a list of anything named target:

    match the names – source and target prefix /namespace

    now you have two joints that you can work on with the

    3) we need to copy MRS attributes and hook them up, so that when you go to the MRS Build Rig-Connect it will constrain in the new bind skeleton.

    From Josh B. Pointing me at his python attribute tools wrapper:

    cgm.core.lib.attribute_utils tools

    1) for each userDefined attr on the source, I’d copy it with transfer connections via ATTR.copy_to
    2) I’d get all the plugs to source.message via ATTR.get_driven
    3) take all those plugs and transfer them to the destination, transferring them will break the source connections by default





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    Rigging Dojo

    The “cheat way” to do this out of the box is to use the Red9 animation binder to connect the skinned BIND skeleton to the Rigged Skeleton as a driver…using the connect hierarchies button by constraint if they don’t match and by direct connection if they do.

    Note that if you bind by constraint you will need to break the translate attributes on all the “rotate” only joints.


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    David Bokser

    I like this idea. Initially if we’re dealing with just different skeletons that are the same proportions the correct skin joint could be automatically found through distance to the rig joint. Down the road it would be neat to have a rig automatically position itself onto a skeleton that has different proportions so you could snap the same rig onto different skeleton types.

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