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    Josh Burton

    We’ve experimented a couple of times with having rig blocks be constrained to one another. Want to talk through that again now that we have more folks working with it.

    Some options:

    • Only parent/constrain to the master block so overall scaling is possible
    • Actual connection to attach point via constraint

    Would love some input, thanks!

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    I want to say I’d like the second option, but I’m not sure how this would play out without overall scaling. Do  you mean that a rig block could potentially follow any other rig block via constraints, but then we loose the ability to scale the rig?

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    Josh Burton

    This is only about guides. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the end rig. Just helping in setting up your rigging template/guide.

    I’ve been getting some good feedback from you all and wanted to localize it a place everyone could see.

    Some suggestions I’ve gotten:

    • Foot – make the end of the template constrained to the foot so it moves with it
    • Scale – there are some scale issues with duplicating/mirroring I need to resolve

    I’m currently sprinting on getting the HANDLE rigBlock up to snuff for some internal stuff and for you all to have an easy prop setup system.

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