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    Raymer and Ashani are assets from a now defunct project I was a part of. I’ve always loved the models and proportions.

    Kara is a character concept from my fiend Kienan Lafferty. While I love the concept I don’t have a full orthographic view, so I’m leaning away from her at the moment.

    Any thoughts on which one would be best for rigging?


    PS. I was having trouble inserting the images into the post. I got an error that it was not a valid file, or it was too large.  two are under 500k and the other is about 2MB.

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    Josh Burton

    Nice looks! If you have models for all of them I’d just pick one and then do the others after you learn the tools:)

    Don’t see any major issues on any of them. Ashani’s legs are really curved back but I don’t think that would mess things up.

    @inserting images – yup. We’re looking into it. Sorry mate.

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      Thanks Josh,
      Yeah I noticed that about Ashani’s model. I was going to tweak it a bit if I ended up going with that one. I was actually trying to test the MRS with her a while back when you were working on the face modules. I was just trying to do the body though. Unsuccessfully I might add 😛

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