Morpheus for Unity

Welcome to Morpheus for Unity Team. This team is set up to follow the creation of a Unity character package using the mDrake rig. What is a character package, you ask? Well, A character package is a game engine asset that defines how a character moves and what functionality it has, along with how the player interacts with it. All of the game mechanics code, collision detection, animation, and input management is part of the character package. In our case, our initial character package functionality will be based on a few popular games that have some common game mechanics.

In the creation of the asset, we’ll also be working through creating a Maya to Unity pipeline that will help animators and TDs quickly get their MRS rigs into their games faster and more efficiently and animation tools to help animators bake motion capture animation onto their MRS rigs.

Most of our communication on this team will be via the forum and member only blog posts.  This is the first team we’re starting and thus we’re actively working through the logistics of how these are going to function.

Road Map

The package and move set will be a constantly evolving asset to take into account multiple game types and genres, and will be set up to be adjustable using the Morpheus Rig System to adjust the character to any proportions.

Year one will be about getting the initial character package and move set developed, along with pipeline tools to get animation and rigs from Maya into Unity.

Here is the initial work that is being done using the older Morphy asset.

Continuing on, we’ll be

  • Researching popular game packages and breaking down the mechanics into components that will be reverse engineered for our package.
  • Constructing the initial ground movement package using available mocap sources and retargeting it onto the mDrake rig.
  • Bringing the asset into the engine with initial avatar and blend tree setup.
  • Setting up the over-the-shoulder camera
  • Adding to initial animation set with
    • Strafing
    • Jumping
    • Interaction animation (stretch)
  • Incorporating additional mechanics based on the team queue. We could start adding prop interaction, climbing, shooting, and so on. The community will guide this process on what you would like to see.
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