Welcome to the cgmRigs team landing page. Where MRS Collaborative is about creating the rigging tools and framework our rigs use, cgmRigs is about helping us get this clan/team/whatever we call it the rigs they want. Be that lions, tigers, bears or Morpheus variants.

We’ve set aside a budget to do several rigs and or variants over this first year. We hope that this group will help us decide how those plans evolve moving forward. Current Rigs Plans are in accordance with our overall year one plans focused on a Unity pipeline.

You should have access to all member pages. We’ll migrate you all to the cgmRigs membership in a few weeks but you’ve been unlocked for all cgmRig pages

Road Map


mDrake – Our first new  Morpheus base male which will be used by Morpheus for Unity to create projects and our community to make whatever they come up with

  •  [Unity] Adventurer – Released 12.6.2018
  • Other
    • Deciding on next outfit for mDrake to get modeled with a batch of hair options. We want to experiment with Morpheus like customization in Unity

Base Rig –  You can find out more on the overall LBS project page.

  •  STATUS – Final Modeling, to begin rigging soon
  • Customization Options – We already have a pile of hair options and some initial clothing options being completed
Proxy Rigs

We’re going to have a small pile of proxy rigs to go though when we start out with the higher tier original backer designs. After that we’ll start tackling the teams ideas. Our hope is to use proxy rigs to try out designs and rig concepts before committing to commissioning modeling or design work on it.

  • Griffin – Sean D. the winner of our first challenge helped design this proxy
    •  STATUS – Initial proxy complete, in testing till we have a better wing module


  • Access to alpha rigs – As we start generating new rigs, we will have testing version ready before that rig is 1.0 read. You’ll have access to them to try out.
  • Guide development to what gets made – We have the first few rigs we want to do decided on. After that we’ll be leaning heavily on this team to decide what gets done next.
  • Increase release cadence to build value – The majority of the money raised from patronage to this team and rig purchases will go back into making more assets.