Morpheus "Drake"

LBS Base Asset

Morpheus For Unity


Why would I register?

Well, to start – it’s free to try. You’re always welcome to try our tools and proxy rigs for free. Take a look at the rigs available or some of the videos of what others have done with our assets. 

The full spread of assets, support, advanced documentation, and ability to join co-ops is what is behind a paid subscription or purchases

You can find more details here.

…and if I want more?

Until we have what we feel is regular value, we’re going to keep subscriptions tied to rig releases.

CG Monks Patron Benefits

  • Premium Content We’ll be working through year one in building value and cadence in our releases.
    • Morpheus for Unity – Tutorials, live streams, asset packages
    • MRS Collaborative – Development blog, forum support, class discounts
    • cgmRigs – Keep up to date with our rigs and help us plan future ones
  • Join CG Monks led teams
  • Access to alpha rigs and proxy assets
  • Rig Discounts – 30% on CG Monks produced rigs here at the Monastery while a subscriber
  • Support – Forum support is only with a subscription
  • Year One Perk – All rigs come with with 3 months of sub time with purchase

Currently the only way to subscribe is to purchase a rig. When we have some value built up, we’ll allow regular subscriptions.