Morphy Kid

Status - Asset finalization


Morphy Kid is about content creation. Specifically about content for kids. All of the partners of CG Monks are parents and we wanted to make content for our kids. So we came up with some content we wanted to do and commissioned a design to move forward with.

Then life got in the way and it’s been gathering dust for a few years.

So, we’re going to make it available to our subscribers to make games or educational content and help you do it.

Here’s the baton

This is the first thing we’re doing we’re super excited to see what our users can do with. It’s important to note that this will be available for commercial use (terms will apply).

Some brainstorming starting points:

  • Educational/non-profit content
  • Side scroller
  • Point and click adventures
  • Customized stories

Our rough framework would be something like this:

  • If you want to make a project with Morphy Kid
  • You’ll purchase an annual commercial license for Morphy Kid
  • Make stuff
  • Let us see the cool stuff you make and point folks to it.

Plans for the next few months

  • UnityMobile build of MK Base | This will finalize our MRS buildProfile for unityMobile and help us nail down our simplest face setup
  • UnityToon build of MK Base | This will add squash and stretch and limb scaling
  • Finalize and polish asset for purchase release (Friends of Morphy will get this Maya Asset unlocked for free when complete)
  • Unity Customization Package | We plan on doing a full unity movement set for this asset for customer use to make their own projects as well as a prepackaged customizer for use in your unity projects
    • We have a pile of hairs and noses already
    • Proving a customization unity framework is important for this project and subcribers will be able to take this work and make their own content.


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