Status - Asset finalization


LBS is about content creation. Specifically about content for kids. All of the partners of CG Monks are parents and we wanted to make content for our kids. So we came up with some content we wanted to do and commissioned a design to move forward with.

Then life got in the way and it’s been gathering dust for a few years.

So, we’re going to make it available to our subscribers to make games or educational content and help you do it.

Here’s the baton

This is the first thing we’re doing we’re super excited to see what our users can do with. It’s important to note that this will be available for commercial use (terms will apply).

Some brainstorming starting points:

  • Educational/non-profit content
  • Side scroller
  • Point and click adventures
  • Customized stories

Push Plans

Some of the pushes we have planned:

  • Customization – We already have a pile of hair options and more and have done a part of the prework for unity on this though we’ll need to fully flesh it out during the year’s sprints
  • Full Rig  – Do a version of the asset with more joints/features for maya only work.
  • Movesets – After Bokser is done with the other project mentioned above he’d be working on this with this asset.
  • Unity framework –  Do some basic level work so our subscribers can hit the ground running on their own projects or help their students to do so.



70% Complete


Modeling - Customization

50% Complete


Unity Med - Proxy

100% Complete


Unity Medium

25% Complete