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Welcome to the mrsCollaborative Team landing page. Most of our communication on this team will be via the forum and member only blog posts.  This is the first team we’re starting and thus we’re actively working through the logistics of how these are going to function.

If you’re here and aren’t sure what MRS is, you can start with this brochure page for the system. MRS stands for the Morpheus Rigging System. It is our openly developed modular rigger for Maya. It is what we use to make rigs for our gigs and for this site. We want to teach it to others so they can help push the system and make it better.

With any venture it’s good to set out some road marks of what exactly it is we want to do. Here are our goals:

  • Document MRS Collaboratively so it is easy to pick up and learn
  • Teach others who just want to use the system to make rigs
  • Guide how we prioritize development of MRS
  • Improveoptimizeexpand the system with members who want to dig deeper
  • Train others so that we know who to call when we need help on gigs
  • Support for MRS is only currently available to members
Made with MRS

There is an on demand class available to get started or you can purchase a MRS Patron subscription if you want to figure things out on your own with the docs.

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Minimal Experience?

If you can work any other stand alone rigger you’d find out there, you can learn this one.

Experienced TD?

Delve into python with us for optimization and improvement and adding new rigBlocks

Current Sprint : Toon/MK Base

Discuss this Sprint on the Forum

Morphy Kid Base

  • Unity Toon Build Profile
    • Scale and subscale
  • Iterating on face modules

Facial RigBlocks

  • Iterating progress
  • Full Lid
  • More lip count

Previous Sprints

MRS Features

Template Driven Rigging System

  • Proxy geo creation from rigBlocks to save modeler time
  • Build Profiles  – One template, multiple build type system

mrsAnimate – Animation UI/Marking Menu for rig interaction

  • Control,Part,Puppet,Scene contextual functionality
    • Mirroring
    • Mode switching
    • Reseting
    • Toggling options

mrsBuilder – Rig builder UI

  • Manage, add, connect rigBlocks
  • Push rigBlocks through build states
  • Post rig processes
    • Verify mirror setup
    • Build Armature
    • Post build objectSet verfication

Quality of Life

  • Display layer setup per asset
  • Sets – QSS sets puppet, each part, Bake, Delete
  • Clean Heirarchy setup


  • Joint Based Facial setup being expanding and improved
  • Direct joint control with transparent proxy shapes where possible for selection ease
  • IK
    • Ribbon setup
    • Stretch
    • Lock mid where possible
  •  FK
    • Mirror bevavior
    • Unlocked translates for more control
  • Segment
    • No flip bases
    • Ribbon twist setup
  • Ribbons
    • Reparamaterization blending
  • Scalable rig setup
  • Bank setup
    • Full featured foot setup with multiple points of articulation
  • Space Pivots – setup for IK controls to have constrainable spaces for those controls
  • rigNodes – Blocks buffer all nodes during build to aid in later optimization pushes and clean rig deletion

Road Map


  • Eye/Lids [iterating]
  • Brow [iterating]
  • Lower Face [iterating]
  • Wing


  • Release ready workfow – {In Progress}
  • Commercial/Film Build Profile


  • Pose Library – {ALPHA}
  • Time Contextual Functions


  • Soft IK
  • Better sub scale – {Testing}


  • Build speeds
  • Interaction

Build Profiles

It’s also important to know that different assets may have different build types depending on how we see them targeted. Some of them will support a range of target outputs.

Our current built target for projects we’re working on.

  • Roll per segment – 1
  • Torso – 4-6
  • Neck – 1
  • No additive scale
  • No squash stretch

Targeted for squash and stretch animation

  • Roll per segment – 3
  • Torso – 2-3
  • Neck – 1
  • Squash stretch
  • Additive scale setup
  • Roll per segment – 0
  • Torso – 2-3
  • Neck – 1
  • No additive scale
  • No squash stretch