Template Driven Rigging System

  • Proxy geo creation from rigBlocks to save modeler time
  • Build Profiles  – One template, multiple build type system

mrsAnimate – Animation UI/Marking Menu for rig interaction

  • Control,Part,Puppet,Scene contextual functionality
    • Mirroring
    • Mode switching
    • Resetting
    • Toggling options
    • Pose System | modified use of  Red9’s pose config

mrsBuilder – Rig builder UI

  • Manage, add, connect rigBlocks
  • Push rigBlocks through build states
  • Generate puppet mesh

Quality of Life

  • Display layer setup per asset
  • Sets – QSS sets puppet, each part, Bake, Delete
  • Clean Hierarchy setup


  • Controller Support | pickwalking, parallel targeted
  • Joint Tags | Maya tagging for better functionality with maya tools
  • Joint Based Facial setup being expanding and improved
  • Direct joint control with transparent proxy shapes where possible for selection ease
  • IK
    • Ribbon setup
    • Stretch
    • Lock mid where possible
    • Explicit control of ik handles
  •  FK
    • Mirror behavior
    • Unlocked translates for more control
  • Segment
    • No flip bases
    • Ribbon twist setup
  • Ribbons
    • Reparameterization blending
  • Scale
    • Scalable controls
    • Squash stretch setups | single, both
    • Multiple methods | ArcLen, PointDist
  • Bank setup
    • Full featured foot setup with multiple points of articulation
  • Space Pivots – setup for IK controls to have constrainable spaces for those controls
  • rigNodes – Blocks buffer all nodes during build to aid in later optimization pushes and clean rig deletion