Making Praxos


Wanted to take the time to do a new proxy rig. After a poll on facebook, something Kratosish won. Thought this might also be a good place to start for MRS Patron content.


Where to begin?


Before I do any work in Maya I like to think through what I’m trying to do with this exercise. Sure I could just jump in but I like to use these proxy rigs as ways to push MRS and make sure it’s working as expected

  • New proportions | I’ve been wanting to do a beefier character for users so this is great for that
  • Cloth | He’s got dangling bits on his belt that will be great to try initial cloth setup
  • Axe | A prop is nice as I’ve been wanting to experiment with  generating mesh with MRS for this kinda of stuff.


When starting a new proxy referencing an existing design it’s easiest when we have a mesh. When we don’t, we need to find reference.

To Google!

  • Found a pile of images and…
  • A fan art take on Kratos that had a great image at the end.

Using that as a base I did some draw overs for a left/right/back image.

Find important bits too…

198.12 cm


Time to setup for shaping and positioning.

  • Opening the mDrake template
  • Setup my image planes
    • Add
    • Position
    • Scale


Spent a good bit of time shaping

  • Moved around my bits using focus and looking at one section at a time
  • Order – Spine,head,arms, legs,fingers
  • Spent a lot of time on cvs especialli in the arm to form the muscle groups
  • Modeled a rough nose, just kept the ear from mDrake
  • Wanted to play with shaping the traps more with the clavicle on the lever shapers on this asset so spent time there.


I want to try modeling the axe quickly with MRS so…

Add a handle shaperList block and roughly size.


  • Play with shaper count and sub
  • Model the head
  • Add to the handle geo


  • Add another handle
  • Name it
  • Parent to the shoulder
  • Set the attach point to base to follow the clav
  • Going to try a pivot setup where it has contact points with the mesh

Build 1

Change to 3 neck joints. Not sure if I reopened the file after messing with this or what

  • Wrists – the ik orient is off
  • Offset is probably too small
  •  Pauldron
    • It’s connecting to the wrist for some reason
  • Foot
    • The hinge shape case is still off, need to rethink that tweak we did a few weeks back
  • Axe
    • Handle extra geo isn’t being added for proxy gen
  • Odd proxy | When we have the heavily shaped curves, the split curves are off. I think perhaps we need need to try doing a uniform rebuild on the cash mesh for uniformity

Build 2

Looking at issues above.

Pauldron Not getting right driver

  • module_utils.get_driverPoint | So we’d been doing blendJoints as the main target list. I think we need to just do rig Joints because in this case the clav isn’t in the blendChain. I’ll need to test to see if this borks other bits but it should be fine. Famous last words…

Pauldron space switch weird first setting

For now not using the driverPoint just the original setup from the space parent query.

Proxy split off

  • Tried finding a good way to re uniformly build the surface to no avail. I think the best way is to keep the curves relatively even in disbursement.
  • Attempted just changing the main cast Axis on the arm where there was funkiness and up works much better. I don’t remember why I changed that to out initially but it may need to be a proxy option per block to have more control of the look

Foot issue

  • Tried finding a good way to re uniformly build the surface to no avail. I think the best way is to keep the curves relatively even in disbursement.

Post Build

  • Hand | thumb placement off
  • Foot | widen
  • Pelvis | less diaper look
  • Axe | tweak handle. recheck ref
  • Clav | wanna try incorporating the collar bone in the lever proxy

Build 3

This is gonna be good enough. Need to do a couple of post build things which might be insightful for you all.

Adding spaces

I want to add each hand to the axes space options. To do that I’m going to open up the dynParentTool and add the axe as the target.

  • find the two wrist blend frames
  • add those
  • Fix the poses
    • Change the axe to one of the hand spaces
    • In the outliner, find that driver under the hand blend frame
  • Repeat for the other hand

Calling it done for now…

Note- The template is up on the member section for MRS.

Josh Burton

[MRS Project Lead | CG Monks] Josh is an animator turned TD who hails from Oklahoma, pre-undergrad in the Marine Corps, animation basics at Savannah College of Art and Design, cut his teeth in gaming and commercials before co-founding CG Monks and more recently the CG Monastery. The Morpheus Rigging System is a culmination of years of R&D and he is now thrilled to see what users can create, collaborate and expand on with this open source MRS platform.