Sprint Report: MRS Workshop 1

Period: January – February 2019

Trying to do two things with this post:

  • Provide a big public picture update for what’s new and changed. This won’t get into the nitty gritty of issues and thinking behind decisions but just this-is-cool look
  • Trying a new format for this rather than just a series of posts we did for the facial sprint a couple of months ago.

Sprint : MRS Workshop 1

These were the goals of this sprint

  • Flesh out initial MRS docs for workshop
  • Internally work out how we’ll support development
  • Focus on improvements to core build experience to move to beta
  • Workflow improvements to support new MRS uses – modeling assist, game engine work


We started fleshing out our plans for how we’re going to fund development of MRS going forward. Our system is open source so our plan is to keep all support and docs behind a subscription for it.

We have a in testing sub up on the store but we’re exploring options for studios to have bulk access as we’ve gotten some inquiries to that end.

Our hope is than anyone using MRS for paying work will subscribe to support development and have a voice as a part of the MRS Collaborative.

Stand Alone Class

  • We are prepping the material of the workshop into a stand along class. If you’re interested in being  notified when that’s ready, sign up here.
  • The class will come with a six month sub as a MRS Patron


This was the first push of docs for MRS for the workshop as we’ve been fleshing out the material. As such there is a long list of items hit. However, ONLY MRS Patron subscribers have access to the docs. If you’re a MRS Patron subscriber, these links should work.

We’ll keep amending the docs as we move the system to beta.

Core Refinement

These are things that aren’t specific to MRS but were added, refined, expanded on during the push.

Core Code

  •  ATTR
    • datList – added enum support for loftList tech
      _node = 'null1'
      ATTR.datList_connect(_node,'testList',[0,1,1,0],mode='enum',enum = 'false:true')

Light Loom Lite

Early version of a lighting tool we’re working on with a lighting pal. Hope to have more to announce soon.


  • NEW – works with components
  • NEW Modes.
    • Cubic Even – Even distribution along a curved defined by the selection set
    • Arc Even/Spaced – Take the first, mid and end points and make an arc.  Distribute along that.
    • Rebuild 2/3 Even/Spaced – Take that cubic curve setup and rebuild it to simplify the curve by a span number


  • Added cylinder
  • Took a pass on refining and normalizing our loft curves.

Puppet Mesh

Expanded usefulness of puppet mesh.

  • Unified skin mesh – really decent skinning through use of polyUniteSkinned. This is fantastic for copying initial weights to a mesh. Also let’s you quickly generate an asset for Unity persay.
  • Skeletal State creation – Changed the setup so a skinned puppet mesh can be generated at the skeleton state before rigging. This was at a user request to support a MotionBuilder pipline to rapidly
  • Mesh only creation –  Accessible at template state


  • NEW geo menu
  • NEW stepped builder for dev work
  • New focus mode
  • New progress bar for most functions
  • Reorganized ui for usability
  • New Post Rig processing ui
  • Added way to work with nameList


Rig Blocks

New Ideas


Added the ability to set the loft shape per template handle.

Rotate Define handles

Changed the rp and up define handles to be rotate based rather than end handles. This seems a better visualization for vectors than just a point in space.


  • Space Switching
    • Option to build per direct control
    • Option to build on FK controls
  • Improvements to proxy mesh creation with option to change the base
  • Reworked how rig nodes were stored fore cleaner rig removal from sections
  • rigBlock deletion should now grab everything depending on state
  • Added method to preview RP handle position to check before build


  • Added loftShapeStart/End for changable lever/foot shapes
  • loftList implemented
  • Reworked lever templating

  • Refined endLever setup for better quad and crab leg setup
  • Implemented full ik for the endLever setup rather than the aim method we’d used before


  • New define handle setup
  • Polish to ensure consistency of feel between setups
  • Added method to add/replace/remove head geo from the proxy
  • loftList implemented


  • Brought up to current standards. It was our prototype block and hadn’t been touched in about a year.
  • New
    • define handle setup
    • shaper proxy like our other blocks
    • loftList setup – new concept
    • way to specify which dag to use for the control
  • ui – way to add custom geo for the handle


  • Implemented new define handles
  • NEW mid follow setup
  • New options
    • Spline IK
    • RP
  • LoftList implemented
  • General polish



Josh Burton

[MRS Project Lead | CG Monks] Josh is an animator turned TD who hails from Oklahoma, pre-undergrad in the Marine Corps, animation basics at Savannah College of Art and Design, cut his teeth in gaming and commercials before co-founding CG Monks and more recently the CG Monastery. The Morpheus Rigging System is a culmination of years of R&D and he is now thrilled to see what users can create, collaborate and expand on with this open source MRS platform.