Space Pivots

Last update: 12.28.2018

This is our usual shape for spacePivots

Space Pivots are our solution for having a visible constrainable space for use with our dynParent system

Originally I added this concept on Morpheus 1 as a way to have a constrainable space when animating. Say you want your hand to follow something and still have control over it. Well that’s what this was designed to address. They are added to our dynamic parent system as dynamic targets.

MRS currently utilized these mainly on IK controls though they are optional item for building.


  • We have calls to switch space without that snapping via the marking menu and mrsAnimate.
  • The are created with a constrain group one level above their main dag level

Road Map

We’d like to refine how our dynParent system works down the road to possibly do away with these.