Gigs, mDrake issues and update…

Current Focus

  • MRS Makers Workshop
  • mDrake Fixes
  • Morphy Kid – Base
  • Branches
    • unityToon
    • MRS

mDrake – Adventurer


Rig Feedback

Connect cog for better select-ability

User BC

  • Bug
    • If space switch, then ik/fk switch, space gets reset
  •  Suggestions
    • zooSurgeon on mesh function
    • Turn off historically interesting – cmds.setAttr(node + ".ihi", 0)
    • Grab all renderNodes and shapes and set to hidden
    • Make vis attributes non-keyable/hidden but not locked
    • Increase control offset
    • Wrist getting lost, increase wrist size in template

Addressing Bugs/Issues

Is historically interesting
  • First pass just doing a toggle for all nodes in scene
  • Loop back at some point to only do rig Nodes
  • Added to mrsBuilder for this first pass on it

Space switch bug

User reports that if you space switch then ik/fk switch, space gets reset.

Let’s see if we can verify it…


Digging in to the switcher to see if we can see what would be doing it. My guess is there’s a reset on the dag during the call. Let’s see…


I had some resetAttrs calls on my controls. Added the transformsOnly flag and seems like it’s resolved.

Finger Mirror Wonky

Dug in a bit. Looks like right fingers are getting weird base dag orientations. Need to see why.

So this is interesting…gonna dig into what’s going on. Thinking through it…

  • Are the template mirrors off?
  • Are the joint orients off?
  • Where else would it get those orientations?

Investigating template_v07…

Template looks okay however the joints do not.

  • Alright, the prerig handles look way off on the right side so the question is why.
  • Looks like I forgot to mirror those finger blocks properly at the last build.
  • Also, on limb, the jointHelpers weren’t getting wired as the jointHelpers but the joint loft curves
  • This seems to have fixed it, to make sure we’re good we’re going to reprerig the right and pull the values
  • This resolved our finger orientations. We’ll have to do a build to test fully
Looking Young

As we’ve been doing some testing mDrake has seemed a little young so I’ve been playing with aging him a little.

Still playing. Not sure if I’ll push to this next build or not yet.


First I went a little extreme…


If you happen to like this, you should be able to pretty easily make your own blendshape offset as discussed above.

Here’s where we ended up after a few hours tweaking.


And compared to the last version…

Next Build

Some items can’t be addressed till the next build.

  • New face/thumb geo tweaks
  • New right joint orientations
  • Check finger orientation fixed our mirror issues
  • Default eyeLook control should be head direct I think
  • Make vis attributes non-keyable/hidden but not locked
    • In, testing on  main call self.UTILS.controls_lockDown(ml_controls)
  • Increase control offset
  • Wrist getting lost, increase wrist size in template

Pushing build…

  • Pull new geo in
  • Verify mirror
  • v08 – Changes without Face
  • v09 – With Face
  • Adjust for face changes
    • Brow
      • Seat in brow tweaks a little better
    • Eyes
      • Move,scale
    • Muzzle
      • Adhere to the new changes better
Build 1
First, do a full test to make sure everything is working. Nope
  • Below method was handing from the rig, look into for class
  • Control offset – trying 1.5 (from .854)

Eye default space still neck


Limb settings still not fully casting, check it out


I forgot to add in the offset in one of my last fixes.

Pivot Helper on hand is odd

Removed for arms.

New cog shape

For this pass, just added a simpleCast shape added to it. Initially looked at using the cvs as reference points but they’re not consistent. Also trying white for it to more easily differentiate

Left Leg/eye balking?

Walking through.

Eye – forgot to uncomment something.

Release Notes
  • Geo
    • Face – Was looking a hair young. Eyes smaller, tweaked planes
    • Thumb polish
  • Textures
    • NEW body/face ecc and spec roll maps to get much better eye highlights and consistency across the face/body maps
    • ADDED. Glock – forgot textures in last release.
    • Face texture – little polish
  • Setup
    • New Right side joint orientations – there was an issue with the last build. Fixed finger mirroring.

Something went awry on a skin mirror…

For next outfit
  • Re-uv face for more room for the face details

Codename: OxenReality

Small gig I’m working. No imagery but just a self log working through issues.

  • Maya 2018 – Building in 2018 which may offer some opportunities for bug fixing. Huzzah!

Template v01

Workflow testing for class…

  • Make ref layer for geo, add and lock down while templating
  • Master, spine, limbs. Save details for later
  • Push to template, shape what we have. Using the head, shape to match ref geo
  • Place ears, simple limb nub as the jaw, same for toes – one on each foot before moving forward
  • Do a test build
  • Make changes
  • Do final build
  • Post
    • Gather blocks
    • Mirror verify
    • Sets
    • Proxy
    • Skeleton connect

Test build 1…

  • Front leg not building
    • Settings casting was failing and erroring out. Added fail safe when cast fails
  • Back toe to not building
    • Fixed after front leg fix, must have been settings as well
  • Eye not building
    • Eyelid dat reporting outside of eyelid – if state

Template v02

  • Fix ear top position
  • Add other toes
  • Mirror rigBlocks

Test build 2

Works well. Few items to hit

  • Master Eye default space should be head, not neck
    • Think resolved, check after build 3
  • Proxy geo normals are reversed on the balls
    • Added a flag for 2018 to reverse the loft curves for the ball. Really need get a better handle on why some versions flip and and how that’s calculated.
  • Front leg base drivers is the hip?
    • User error, attach point was wrong. Maybe better visualization or suggestion to make joints xray when workin on setup.

Template v04

  • Change chest ik to end from mid

Build 3

All good. Done


  • Add function to lock/unlock the head geo
  • Make a way for MRS Makers to share heads


  • Get rid of position change in right click menu or get rid of the enum values stuff at least and use normal  prompt
  • Duplicate not quite working right on some dat load
  • Builder needs the load local cgm to not bail on rig call.
  • Proxy transparent shader –
    • spec color – 0

Unity Issue

Client was having an issue getting their asset to unity.

  • The issue here is that maya attaches an inverse scale on joints so that it compensates when you scale a parent joint.
  • So when you have a root joint scaled at .5, it scales the child to 2 internally but doesn’t reflect that value in the scale attribute.
  • Unity doesn’t take that into account, and has joints as just normal transforms.
  • So since you have every joint in your animation scaled to .5, it multiplies that scaling until the joints lower in the hierarchy scale down to near zero.
  • So, I removed the scale compensation on the animation joints and set the root scale to .5 and reset all the child scales to 1.0 and it comes in as it should I believe.
  • select all the joints and run this: import maya.cmds as mc for obj in mc.setAttr(‘%s.segmentScaleCompensate’ % obj, 0) and also reset your scale val to 1.0 on all the child joints and .5 on the root

Self notes:

  • Scale/Toon setups turn this off but maybe we need to just do this for unity profiled projects period
Josh Burton

[MRS Project Lead | CG Monks] Josh is an animator turned TD who hails from Oklahoma, pre-undergrad in the Marine Corps, animation basics at Savannah College of Art and Design, cut his teeth in gaming and commercials before co-founding CG Monks and more recently the CG Monastery. The Morpheus Rigging System is a culmination of years of R&D and he is now thrilled to see what users can create, collaborate and expand on with this open source MRS platform.