First Assignments!

It’s a workshop, let’s get to the work!

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I’m going to ask you to work on your designs for our biped and quadruped this week so we can get those nailed down before we get into those modules.

Assignment 1: Submit the Assessment

Due: Asap

This will give you access to CG Monastery sections necessary for the rest of the course and provide access to the latest tool docs.

Assignment 2: Introduce yourselves

Due: End of Week 1

First assignment is to respond to the introductions thread with the following:

  • Short introduction about yourself
  • What you want to get out of the course

Assignment 3: Core Concepts

Due: End of Week 1

Begin reviewing the mrsDocs. Much won’t make sense until we get into things but it would be good to get familiar with the doc setup. It’s important that the concepts begin to percolate.

Assignment 4: Biped design

Next week I’m going to provide you with a prebuilt humanoid template file. We want to make that into something else. You need a target to aim at.

If you have something in mind or your own character, that’s perfectly fine. If you’d like some suggestions, here are some body types a buddy drew up for us a long time ago on a project far away.

Art by Kory Heinzen

Feel free to take one of these or start from scratch. If you have a mesh you want to proxy up for this class, all the better.

I’m going to make a proxy for our Nomad design as I need to do one and this class is a good enough reason as any to do so now. This is my current refinement of that design.

Doing this will allow me to show you a few other concepts I wanted to show.

Be thinking this week about what you want to do for your humanoid.

Josh Burton

[MRS Project Lead | CG Monks] Josh is an animator turned TD who hails from Oklahoma, pre-undergrad in the Marine Corps, animation basics at Savannah College of Art and Design, cut his teeth in gaming and commercials before co-founding CG Monks and more recently the CG Monastery. The Morpheus Rigging System is a culmination of years of R&D and he is now thrilled to see what users can create, collaborate and expand on with this open source MRS platform.