cgmRigs: How do I get them?

I'd like one!

Great, we love to see what people make with our rigs. How acquiring our rigs works:

  • There are some free ones available you can download as you please
  • For paid rigs...
    • Browse rigs on the shop
    • When you find one you like, purchase it
    • Then visit the asset page for that rig and you’ll have access to all builds of that asset
    • We’re including 3 months of CG Monks Patron subscription time with each rig purchase.

A few notes...

  • We don’t want our rigs to require online license checking. Download and go. Yes we know some people will take them without permission. Though disappointing, we hope those that try and use our rigs will want to support what we’re doing. If it becomes a problem we may have to revisit
  • They will all be built with our rig system – MRS. As such they will play nicely and you’ll be able to use our ever expanding toolset to use those rigs.
  • You will have assets connected to  your account – When that asset is unlocked you will always be able to go back to that asset page and get updated builds for the rig.