MRS Makers Workshop - Getting started

mDrake - Adventurer

Morphy Kid - Base

Morpheus For Unity

Horse - proxy rig

Welcome to the Monastery!

Our mission is to establish a community of subscriber tinkerers and makers – equipping them to have the tools and assets they need to make amazing personal and commercial work.

Full suite of production tested modular rigging and pipeline tools for Maya

Rigs built with MRS

Find out who we are and what we’re trying to  do

2020 Road Map



  • Refactor | Some things were working here others not. The site will continue to evolve as we refine what we need this site to be


  • Full Open Source | The docs are open and are being updated as we can
  • Production | We’re currently working on two projects with the pipeline.
      • NDA Project | This Unreal title will be announced publicly in a few months
      • Little Book Selves | this is our self developed Unity project we will be inviting others to take part in after we can show you what we’re trying to do rather than just tell you. It’s in active development and you’ll be hearing more soon. 
  • Patreon | We’re lining up a patreon setup to replace much of what we were trying to do here on the site because the tech just wasn’t working for us.


  • Morphy Kid | this asset is in final prep and will be released soon. We’re trying to nail down a new asset delivery system with it
  • mDrake | We’ll be updating this asset with sculptable lids and the toon modules when they’re completed with Morphy Kid
  • Animals Rigs | We’ve commissioned new designs in the Morphy Kid style for another title we have planned but we’ll be releasing those in time as well
  • Other Rigs | We’re exploring some methods to get a hold of meshes to rig

We can’t wait to see what you make!