MRS Makers Workshop - Getting started

mDrake - Adventurer

Morphy Kid - Base

Morpheus For Unity

Horse - proxy rig

What's Next at the Monastery?


We wanted to give an update for the next six months or so at the Monastery.
  • Supporting the first round of new students going through the new on demand material – bug fixes, clarifications
  • Fresh build of mDrake | some mesh changes and bugs to fix as well as using the opportunity to make sure the facial blocks are building. If you have this asset unlocked you can just download the update.
  • Morphy Kid | will be doing a unityMobile and unityToon iteration of these for release. We want to possibly play with some texture face pose stuff for mobile
  • Facial Blocks | We’ll be bringing the facial rig blocks up to snuff for a wider range of work.
  • MRS Collaborative | As more users come online we want to continue to flesh out the best ways to get feedback, collaborate and invite users to start adding their own features to go back into the open platform
  • MRS Showcase | Starting preplanning for doing a 20 sec or show demo of what you can do with MRS currently thinking woodland creature theme. Most of the work currently being done with MRS will be under NDA a while and we’d like to show if off.
  • Tools | We’re continuing to flesh out some pipeline tools we hope to bring to wider use

We can’t wait to see what you make!