MRS Makers Workshop - Getting started

mDrake - Adventurer

Morphy Kid - Base

Morpheus For Unity

Horse - proxy rig

To begin all teams will be lead by CG Monks but we have plans are talking to potential partners about other possibilities down the line.

MRS Collaborative

  • Learn how to make your own rigs
  • Support for MRS (membership required)
  • Document MRS Collaboratively
  • Improve, optimize, expand the system

Morpheus For Unity

  • Explore your own Unity projects with the assets
  • Access to source files
  • Flesh out Unity Pipeline
  • Develop customization process utilizing Morpheus
  • Prototype different game types beginning with mDrake


  • Access to alpha rigs
  • Guide development to what gets made
  • Increase release cadence to build value
Why would I Join a Team?
  • Learn new skills
  • Collaborate and make things together
  • Support development of that project
How Do I Join?

If you’re an active subscriber, you just start following that team and chiming in on the forums. Some teams may have more specific requirements. The MRS team for example will be seeded with the initial workshop happening in January 2019.

How Does it Work?

After you join a team you’ll have access to all team materials and communication channels. Different classes may do things a little differently but in general you’ll have access to:

  • Member landing Page – One page to catch up on the team status and see what people are focused on.
  • Select Content – Blog posts, articles, tutorials only for members
  • Private Forum – Member only sections for team discussions
  • Discord – Private channel for discussion as appropriate
  • Source Files – Examples…
    • Morpheus for Unity – Unity source files, animation files, more
    • MRS Collaborative –  Template files, testing assets
    • cgmRigs – Alpha testing rigs
Prefects(Name subject to change)

We’re going to be looking for community manager/moderators to help us manage things and we’ll be offering those users free sub time and other perks. We’ll be keeping an eye out for active members during alpha to ask to help out.