A horse for a course is a horse of course…

Current Focus

  • MRS Makers Workshop
  • Branches
    • unityToon
    • MRS

Horse Proxy

I need to test things to make sure they’re working well and do any polish before starting to teach others MRS next month. As I’ve been preparing the material I thought it a good idea to go ahead an push the quad I’ll be demoing through the new system and hit issues I find along the way so I can finish the class material.

To start I grabbed the proxy geo from my last horse sketch and am using that for sizing and other settings reference. It’s several months old before the rigBlock tweaking so it wouldn’t be compatible with the new stuff without more time than it took to setup so I’m just doing it again.


No issues.


Working through it….

  • Shaping
    • Started with 6 shapers
    • Felt better to go to 2 shapers and use subs for the tweaks. Need to change the main profile for this perhaps
    • 2 shapers, 7 sub
  • Try ik end modes
    • mid – what we’ve been using
    • tipEnd – gonna try it for this build
  • Notices the proxy lofts are reversed again. Gonna change again. Lofting is loony


  • Need call to add head geo
  • Need call to easily select head geo
  • Remove shaders on head geo file. getting mental ray errors
  • neck joints
    • 3 controls/joints
  • More joints than handles
    • Neck base segment handle not aiming properly
      • Look at how it’s being handled
    • End off. We need to constrain that end ribbon to aim back at the ik base or root
    • Add a ik root orient driver that aims to the ik end. If this works well, maybe try this on the other setups
  • Neck ribbon handles
    • Even with even counts we need the end ribbon joint to control the angle going into the neck
  • Head not proxy building
    • Cause I deleted extra geo
    • Need to account for a call –
      # mGroup = mBlock.msgList_get('headMeshProxy')[0].getParent(asMeta=True)
    • Need to connect the geo group to the rigBlock rather than the msgList of geo
    • Fix is to connect the geo as a msgList


  • Front quad – need to change default attach point to end
  • Front quad for a horse needs quad setup
  • HasLever needs to be off as well or first roll joint doesn’t get made


  • Let’s change the ear default to 2 shaper, 3 subs. For most things this is better than the shaper count
  • Change default to be fk for ears



Build 1



  • Neck mid ik when scaled down is off
  • Other items above
  • Front legs need to be rooted a bit further out

Josh Burton

[MRS Project Lead | CG Monks] Josh is an animator turned TD who hails from Oklahoma, pre-undergrad in the Marine Corps, animation basics at Savannah College of Art and Design, cut his teeth in gaming and commercials before co-founding CG Monks and more recently the CG Monastery. The Morpheus Rigging System is a culmination of years of R&D and he is now thrilled to see what users can create, collaborate and expand on with this open source MRS platform.